Album Review – Embrace The Moment – Yoga music

Review by Leigh Robshaw

This is ambient yoga music at its best.

Day 26Original and fresh with a world music flavour, there’s not a single hint of cheesy cliché or overdone production here, pitfalls that can be rampant in this genre of music.

Embrace the Moment comprises six instrumental tracks that ebb and flow to a full 80 minutes of blissed-out sound.

Its subtlety and seamlessness make it ideal for yoga and other practices that require a certain level of groundedness and concentration. It ambles along inconspicuously in the background, gentle, calming, and uplifting, without being distracting.

While the album was created to enhance any yogic or therapeutic practice, you don’t have to be into yoga for it to appeal. It works equally well as an album of super chilled-out sounds that bring a relaxed vibe to any activity.

Play it while you write, create a work of art, hang out in the garden, cook dinner, do your tax or have a luscious massage — whatever the experience, it will definitely be enriched with this music as an accompaniment.

Yoga SymbolThe masterminds behind the music are multi-talented Australian brothers Herrin and Jai Larkan, both successful musicians in their own right, who teamed up to write, perform and produce the album. They invited Chris Lane from Aussie band OKA to add gorgeous flute solos, a smart move, as the flute really adds a certain magic to Herrin’s and Jai’s subtle vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, piano, keyboards and programming.

The interesting thing about this music is that it feels completely timeless and is highly accessible without sounding commercial. It transcends culture, sub-culture, language and age, so you could safely buy it for your partner, mum, grandma or second cousin twice removed and be guaranteed they’ll love it, because there’s simply nothing not to love about it.

Embrace the Moment has a kind of poetic beauty about it that seeps into your being without you noticing. Before you know it, 80 minutes is up and you’re pressing the play button again. And again…

Overall, it’s a nurturing sound journey grown out of a wonderful synergy between three highly accomplished musicians who obviously have a deep understanding of how to use light, shade and space to bring an enduring and captivating quality to their stunning musical arrangements.

Embrace The Moment – Music designed to enhance your yoga practice

Yoga music inspired by and designed for the art of yoga. A triad of musicians and some producing power meet in this perfect storm of elements. An x factor required in the making of any great album. It also helps that one of the musicians was a yoga teacher for 3 years before the making of this music.

Yoga music created by three master musicians:

  • Jai Larkan – Piano, keyboards, programming and beats. Jai is also a qualified Yoga teacher.
  • Chris Lane – Classical and Indian flutes.
  • Herrin – Keyboards, programming, acoustic guitar and vocals. He also recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album.

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3 Responses to “Album Review – Embrace The Moment – Yoga music”

  1. Tallie September 22, 2009 at 5:26 am #

    Every now and then there is a song or melody that is mind altering and mood changing…this is that music!

  2. My February 3, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    Perfect!Just beautiful. In my car, as soon as i walk in my door and, anytime I can hear it I do. It’s that kind of music. Luv it <3

  3. Chibi October 16, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    I’ve always loved the demo and was so happy when I was able to hear the full length versions! So beautiful and calming, wonderful job to all! And thank you!

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